State Teams Trophy

State Teams Trophy



The State Teams Trophy is awarded to the State/Territory whose sailors combined nett results achieve the lowest overall points and top the leader board at the Australian National Championships.

A Teams Trophy was awarded in previous years when the Class Association was known as Access Class, but the prize had not been awarded for several years. In 2013 the Class Association, manufacturer and boats changed their names from Access to Hansa.

Just prior to the 2015 Hansa Class Championships, the decision was taken to reprise the State Teams Trophy as the Australian Hansa Class State Teams trophy.

This announcement causing several states to hurriedly field sailors in other divisions in the 2015 Hobart Championships, in the hope of scoring points. and resulted in several people sailing in divisions that they had not planned to enter, and a couple of people who had not planned to sail at all find themselves in boats!

The calculation for the prize is as follows:

  • Nett scores of the two highest placed competitors in each division be added together to give each State / Territory a cumulative score. 
  • If they only have one competitor in a particular division, they take that score and add the score equivalent to DNC for every race for the second competitor. 
  • If they are not represented in a particular division at all, they get 2 x the score equivalent to DNC for every race.
  • Lowest overall points wins.
  • In the event of a tie-break, use the Appendix 2 system - the State / Territory whose top two competitors in all divisions have the highest number of first places wins the tie-break.  If still tied, go to second places and so on.

The prize was retrospectively awarded to the Victorian team for the 2014 Championships.

The 2015 State Teams Trophy was won by the South Australians, with Tasmania in second place, one point ahead of the Victorians.

The purpose behind reinstating the State Teams Trophy is to encourage States to try and field at least 2 sailors in each division and to create some friendly rivalry between the different States/Territories and enable States with smaller numbers of sailors who sail well across the Nationals to still win the overall prize.

The Australian Hansa Class State Teams Trophy was won by Queensland at the 2016 National Championships, from Victoria and NSW. In 2017, the winner was Victoria ahead of Tasmania and South Australia. In 2018 and 2019 the Trophy was again won by Victoria. With no event held in 2020, the trophy was retained by Victoria in 2021.

2014 - Victoria

2015 -  South Australia

2016 - Queensland

2017 - Victoria

2018 - Victoria

2019 - Victoria

2020 - No event held

2021 - Victoria

2022 - Victoria

2023 - Tasmania

2024 - ?